The yEAh Library

Roadmap: Implementation of yAuth

As part of our commitment to enhancing user experience and streamlining access to the yEAh Network, we are excited to introduce yAuth, a revolutionary JavaScript-based login system. By leveraging t...

Tangerines vs Oranges

An archived copy of the original ‘Tangerines vs Oranges,’ a rant written by @me and submitted to the ‘yEAh Arcade suggestions & feeback’ form.

Archive of howToMakeAWebsite

An archive of Aidan (Undonesundew)’s website on how to make a website about making a website, made for a grade 9 English project.

yEAh Archives Wordpress export

An export of the old yEAh Games Archives website hosted on Wordpress. Includes media, posts (in markdown), and an XML file with all related data.

Archive of simcard4.roanly.xyz

An archive of the SIM website on Roan Ly’s website (simcard4.roanly.xyz), used to convince his parents that he needs a SIM card.

Announcing the end of the line for the yEAh Encyclopedia

After a long tenure, we’ve announced we will be retiring the yEAh Games Encyclopedia as part of the Archives. This comes after a lengthy discussion, but ultimately, we’ve decided that it’s best for...

Archive of all yEAh Encyclopedia pages

An archive of all yEAh Encyclopedia pages. After the deprecation of the yEAh Games Encyclopedia (documented on news.yeahgames.net), the yEAh Archive Team decided to ensure the already-published pag...

yEAh Games Discord server export (2022)

A full export of the yEAh Games Discord server from December 2022. Includes media, messages, reactions, and more. Exports happen yearly

Vote in the October 2022 yEAh Elections!

Vote in the October 2022 yEAh Games elections to decide the next co-owner of yEAh Games. VOTE IN THE 2022 yEAH GAMES ELECTIONS HERE:https://forms.gle/Z6sB6ccLCPGxJDv86 Voting is mandatory fo...

Never Gonna Give YeeBot Up

A parody of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’ based on YeeBot, a bot used frequently within yEAh Games.