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Current Yank of yEAh Games financial rates

These are the official rates for various finance-related yEAh Games features. Some vary over time; some will stay the same. Check the bot command yeahrates for live updates.

Currency exchange rates:
YAY—CAD: YAY 1.0 = CAD $0.0008
CAD—YAY: CAD $1.0 = YAY 1250.0

Sales-tax percentage: 7.0%.
All purchases must include this percentage of the yoney spent, and it must be given to a Yank-keeper — this is enforced with bans/jail time. Sales tax is not running right now, but could be soon.

Property-yax percentage (depending on group):
Y0.000 to 50 000.000: 0%
Y50 000.001 to 100 000.000: 2%
Y100 000.001 to 250 000.000: 5%
Y250 000.001 to 500 000.000: 10%
Y500 000.001 to 800 000.000: 15%
Y800 000.001 to 1 000 000.000: 20%
Y1 000 000.001 to 2 000 000.000: 25%
Y2 000 000.001+: 35%
The amount of yollars that you pay for property taxes (being in yEAh Games) depends on the amount of money that you have. The percent mentioned above is the percent that is taken off your total balance when the taxes have to be paid every month. The 'groups' are ranges of yollars; you pay the percentage of your balance associated with the range of yollars that you have, respective to you. Yaxes are payed automatically (see the doc on the subject).

Yoan rates: 6.5%/week.
Yoan rates are applied via interest and added to the amount of money that you still have to pay, every week.

Conversion rates: 0.7%
Conversion rates are applied to whenever yollars are converted; exchanging currency, converting yollars to your online account or vice versa, etc. This pays for all handling fees.

Yinterest rates: 5.7%/month
Yinterest rates are applied via interest and are added to your account when you store yoney in your Yank account.

Dividend rates: 0.5%/month
Dividend rates are applied by the Yank of yEAh Games to shareholders in any division. They are calculated based on the price of that share — every month, you'll get a payment of (0.5*share price of that division)*the number of shares you have.

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