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Vote in the October 2022 yEAh Elections!

Vote in the October 2022 yEAh Games elections to decide the next co-owner of yEAh Games.


Voting is mandatory for all Discord members, and is heavily encouraged for all members. Some non-members may also be given the chance to vote in order to show enough voters for an accurate vote.

Vote here: https://forms.gle/Z6sB6ccLCPGxJDv86
Or send it to friends with: https://tiny.one/october22

Election candidates + their information can be found on this page.

Election rules are as follows:

As October has rolled around, it's time for the annual (and 1st anniversary of the) October yEAh Games elections.

After last year's poll finalized details relating to the election schedule, it is time for the usual October elections. In case you don't know, elections happen approximately every six months, always in May and October.

This election season is the first anniversary of the first elections held in October 2021; evidently, much has changed since the first elections. We will be running the elections using essentially the same format/design as last year, because it worked well enough (remember, if you'd like to suggest or report a problem, please create a post in support).

Elections will operate as the following:

yEAh Elections elect the co-owner of yEAh Games and the server, not the entire government. ⠀⠀
⠀▸ However, if the elected co-owner forms a coalition with the owner, essentially anything can be done. ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀▸ Remember, though, yEAh Games always has to be some form of a democracy; you cannot be elected and establish an authoritarian government. Decisions have to be always approved with multiple admins and/or a poll with members. It's in the constitution and cannot be changed.

The yEAh Elections are nonpartisan. This means that no parties, including the currently-elected government, can have any influence over this election; elections are run by a non-affiliated organization that legally cannot be changed or manipulated. ⠀

This election, new measures are in place: Registration is the same aside from these details: ⠀⠀
⠀⠀▸ Registration of an electoral party no longer requires a registration deposit. Anyone can register a party, free of charge.

Registration details: To register a party, please visit #registration and use the template there.

Registering parties must have three main election promises; these promises legally have to be fulfilled in your term if you are elected. Not doing so will involve legal consequences for corruption and fraud during an election ― these are serious. Signing up for a party means that you are accepting the possibility that you can win the election and have responsibility as co-owner.

Note that the maximum term limit for co-owners is 2 terms, or approximately a year. They will not be able to register after 2 terms.

Parties are expected to create an account for the party/candidate, but it is not technically required. DM @yEAh Games#2733 if you need help creating another account.
Anyone is free to register a party, as long as it meets the criteria mentioned above.

Parties are expected to create an account for the candidate, but it is not technically required. DM @yEAh Games if you need help creating another account. Parties have to be registered by the 30th of May, 2022 at 19:00. Anyone is free to register a party, as long as it meets the criteria mentioned above. Remember that you can be removed from office or another election can be called if you are too inactive. ⠀ ⠀

Parties have to be registered by the 20th of October, 2022 at 6:00 PM.

Election information: If you are the registrar of a party running in the current election, you cannot vote for that party in the election; this is so that the popular opinion can be easily collected, without everyone voting for themselves.

As long as registrars do not make false promises or break any laws, they can advertise their party as much as they want — candidates can post all the information they like in #advertisements.

The election results legally have to be released publicly if a dispute arises. Attempting to slander/moderate an elected official for your own gain in the election is strictly prohibited.

Voting will take place from October 26th at 8:00PM to October 31st at 8:00PM, 2022.⠀⠀

Reminder: Voting is mandatory for all official Discord server members (complete members), and is strongly recommended for all other members. Any member has the ability to vote, as long as they are a separate person from everyone else who has voted.
You cannot vote twice, and alts do not count as separate people.⠀⠀

VOTE IN THE 2022 YEAH GAMES ELECTIONS HERE: https://forms.gle/Z6sB6ccLCPGxJDv86
Please vote. Your two clicks could help change the future for yEAh Games.

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