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Supported advertisement media

Supported advertisement media

yEAh Ads supports a variety of advertisement media to enhance your advertising experience.

Media types

  1. Banner Advertisements: These captivating horizontal ads are placed across supported areas of the website. They are perfect for animated advertisements and can be displayed for an extended period. Banner ads easily attract user attention, although they are only available on certain pages.

  2. Sidebar Advertisements: This classic vertical ad format is available on most websites. It is easy to set up and offers a standard advertising option. Sidebar ads are known for their good click-through rate and work well for small, short ad placements.

  3. Custom Post Advertisements: For detailed and immersive ads, our custom post option is the best choice. You can create an entire post or content specifically for your advertisement. This allows you to embed images, text, and designs to engage users. Custom posts are great for long-running advertisements and are supported on websites with posts.

  4. In-Post/Page Advertisements: These ads are strategically placed within posts or pages, catching the users’ attention as they browse through content. In-post/page advertisements are ideal for short-term advertising and using banners to stand out among the content. They are easy to set up and view, targeting specific users or sections of a site.

  5. Pop-Up Advertisements: When users click a link, pop-up ads appear in the middle of the screen, grabbing their attention instantly. They are great for interactive or animated advertisements and can be effective for both long-running and short-term campaigns. Please note that pop-up availability depends on various factors and requires special consideration.

  6. Custom Options: If you have a unique advertising idea, talk to our agents, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life. We are open to exploring custom solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We continuously innovate and introduce new advertising options to ensure your message reaches the right audience effectively.

About each type

Banner Advertisements: Banner advertisements are horizontal ads placed in dedicated sections of a page. They offer ample space for animated ads and are perfect for long-term advertising. Here’s an example of a banner ad in a header section:

Banner ad example

Sidebar Advertisements: Sidebar ads are vertical, thin images placed in the sidebar section of a webpage. They are easy to set up and commonly found on websites. Here’s an example:

Sidebar ad example

Custom Post Advertisements: Custom post ads allow you to create complete posts or content specifically for your advertisement. You have full control over the design, images, and text. Here’s an example of a sponsored/custom post displayed as a regular post:

Custom post example

In-Post/Page Advertisements: These ads are inserted within posts or pages, catching users’ attention. They are great for inexpensive marketing and targeting specific users. Here’s an example of in-post advertisement styles:

In-post ad example

Pop-Up Advertisements: Pop-up ads appear in the middle of the screen when users initiate an action, such as navigating to another page. They are highly attention-grabbing and can be effective for long-running and short-term campaigns. Here’s an example:

Pop-up ad example

Custom Options: We offer custom advertisements tailored to your unique ideas. Contact our agents to set up a design meeting and discuss how we can bring your idea to life.


See “Advertisement pricing by type” for the cost in Yollars associated with each media type.

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