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Announcing the end of the line for the yEAh Encyclopedia

After a long tenure, we’ve announced we will be retiring the yEAh Games Encyclopedia as part of the Archives. This comes after a lengthy discussion, but ultimately, we’ve decided that it’s best for the company.

As we work on migrating to the yEAh Games Network, we’ve encountered a dilemma: The yEAh Games Encyclopedia. The spark that ignited what is now the yEAh Games Library, and what had previously started yeahgames.pro, has reached the end of the line. It no longer meets our high standards, so we’ve decided to retire the service.

Once the start of the Archives as a service to archive and view details of prominent individuals in or associated with yEAh Games, the service has not met our standards, and as such, to prioritize new innovation, we will be slowly rolling out the termination of the service.

We will be archiving the already-published pages in the Digital Artifact Archive, but no longer will we accept new submissions for pages.

Our message

The Archivists at the yEAdministrative team have decided to retire the online Yencyclopedia. This move comes as part of the company’s strategic plan to focus on its core business activities, align with its values, and streamline its operations. While the online encyclopedia was the company’s first product, it no longer fits in with the current business model and values of The yEAh Games Corporation, LLC.

yEAh Games was founded in 2018 with a mission to create innovative and engaging games for people of all ages. The company’s first online product, an online encyclopedia for recording information pertaining to people associated with yEAh Games, was launched in 2021. It quickly gained popularity among users and became a valuable source of information for members. However, over time, the online encyclopedia has become outdated and no longer serves the purpose it was intended for.

After careful consideration and analysis, the management team at yEAh Games has decided to discontinue the online encyclopedia. The decision was made in light of the company’s mission and values, which prioritize innovation, creativity, and providing the best possible experience for its users. While the encyclopedia was once an essential component of the company’s offerings, it no longer fits with the direction that yEAh Games is headed.

Additionally, the online encyclopedia is not being used as much as it once was. With the rise of social media and other online resources, users have more options for finding information than ever before. As such, the encyclopedia has become less relevant and has lost its place in the gaming industry. By discontinuing the encyclopedia, yEAh Games is freeing up resources to focus on its core business activities, including the development of new and exciting products and services.

The decision to retire the online encyclopedia was not an easy one. It was a product that the company had invested a lot of time and effort in over the years. However, the management team at yEAh Games recognized that it was time to let go of the past and move forward with the company’s current priorities. The company’s vision for the future is focused on developing innovative services that push the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.

The decision to retire yEAh Games’ online encyclopedia was made with careful consideration and analysis. It no longer fits in with the company’s values or its current business model, and it is not being used as much as it once was. The encyclopedia served a valuable purpose in the past, but it is time to retire it and focus on the future. yEAh Games remains committed to creating innovative and engaging games that provide the best possible experience for its users.

Thank you, The yEAdministrative team 25/02/2023

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