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Advertising with yEAh Games and its subsidiaries

Advertising with yEAh Games and its subsidiaries

Did you know that yEAh Games offers an advertising service across our network? Follow the docs below to learn how.

Book an advertisement!

Book an advertisement on a yEAh Games service! Fill out the submission form at ads.yeahgames.net/book today

About advertising on yEAh Games

Where can I advertise?

You can advertise whatever you want (with some exceptions) on our official services; inculding, but not limited to:

  • The Network home
  • The Library
  • Most library collections (varies depending on private hosts)
  • The Yible
  • Discord
  • Our other social media platforms
  • And more!

Basic instructions

Simply choose a platform to host your ad, log in with your yEAh Games account (your username [usually your Discord username of your main account on the Discord server without the tag], & yEAhPassword [or message a mod on Discord while logged into your main account]), and submit an ad with your link.

We’ll accept all (with some exceptions for illegal or NSFW material) advertisments within a few days, and you’ll see them published soon afterwards.


We offer various advertising products, all completely hosted on our servers and running 24/7 for your audience to see.

These include:

  • Banner advertisements across supported areas
    • Great for animated avertisements
    • Work well for advertisements placed for a long time
    • Attract user attention easily
    • Only available on certain pages
  • Sidebar (vertical) advertisements
    • Available on most websites
    • Standard for advertisements
    • Easy to set up
    • Good click-through rate
    • Great for small, short ad placements
  • Custom post advertisements
    • Best option for details and to learn more
    • Offers an embedded option to attract users’ attention
    • Great for long-running advertisements
    • Only supported on websites with posts
  • In-post/page advertisements:
    • Great for short-term advertising
    • Great for banners to catch attention across content
    • Easy to setup and view
  • Pop-up advertisements when users click a link
    • Great for interactive or animated advertisements to grab users’ attention
    • Great for long-running advertisements
  • Custom options: Talk to an agent with your idea, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!
  • And more!
About each type

Banner advertisements are advertisements posted horizontally on various parts of a page (only on pages that have a dedicated section banner ads). For example, some websites offer banner advertisements on the header and footer that users will see when they’re on that part of the site. These types of advertisements are great for long-term adertising as they’ll stay at an accessible part of the website for a long time. These are also perfect for animated ads as they allow lots of room to work with.

Banner ad example

An example of a banner advertisement in a header section of a page.

Sidebar advertisements are a traditional type of advertisements, placing a vertical, thin image in the “sidebar” section of a webpage. These can be very easily created and configured for the page, and it will often place it in a visible, easily accessible section where users may click anyways for other widgets. The vertical image is then simply linked to the path of your choice.

image info

An example of a banner advertisement in a header section of a page.

Custom post

Custom post advertisements are a method of creating an actual, complete post (or other form of content) for your advertisement, where you are able to submit content to be displayed in the post; a post is created, temporairly (or permanently, depending on your plan), on the website purely for your advertisement. You can add whatever images, text, and design that you want inside it. Before clicking on the post’s content, you’ll be able to customize the title, tags, and featured image (if applicable). We also offer “sponsored” posts on certain layouts, which are ads desguised as posts that are linked to the path of your choice.

custom post

An example of a sponsored/custom post displayed as a regular post.


In-post or in-page advertisements are usually banner-style ads, that, instead of being added to a standard part of page, like a header, they’re added inside a post or a page, in-between various content blocks. These easily catch the users’ attention and are great for inexpensive marketing or targeting specific users, instead of the entire site. You can customize which post(s) or post category and where on the posts that you want to display the ad(s).

in-post ad

Examples of in-post advertisement styles.


Pop-up advertisements are great for grabbing users’ attention, as they are an image placed in the middle of the screen when a user initiates it (e.g., by navigating to another page). The viewer is guaranteed to notice and be impressioned by the ad, which is why they’re great for long-running and short-running advertisements. Note that the availability of this product heavily depends on many variables, including the host of the site, the site itself, and the audience.

pop-up ad

Example of a pop-up ad between pages.


We offer custom advertisements as well; contact an agent to setup a design meeting to discuss your idea. Most ideas will be considered. Just bring your idea and how you want to implement it, and leave it to us.

Purchasing our products

All advertising is automatically paid for via Yollars from your yEAh Games account’s connected Yank account.

Try taking out a loan if you can’t afford a purchase! The Yank of yEAh Games offers loaning services to anyone, regardless of their credit score. Simply visit the Yank’s website, the Yank docs, or our Discord server to learn more.


This type of advertisement is locked to temporary-only and prices are set to variable.

Depending on the location and site, our average price for banner advertisements in the header area per day is around yollars3000-4000/day.

Sidebar advertisements are the most customizable of our products, allowing you to set them up as permanent or temporary, customize the location, and more. Prices vary depending on location and site.

Depending on the location and site, our average price for sidebar advertisements is around yollars1000-2000/day. This format also supports partnership plans, allowing us to set up a permanent or long-term contract with very low or fixes prices.

Custom posts

This type of advertisement is locked to permanent-only and prices are set to variable. Custom posts can only be bought as a one-time purchase and they will stay on the site forever, being slowly pushed down as new posts roll out.

Depending on the site, we usually charge around yollars20000-30000 per post. This is not negotiable. You can get your post pinned to the top of the website for an average cost of yollars1000-2000 per day, and we do offer sponsor applications for lower costs with long-time pinned posts.


This type of advertisement is locked to permanent-only and prices are set to variable.

Depending on the location and site, our average fixed price for in-post/page advertisements is around yollars3500. Prices may vary depending on post traffic, and certain posts may not be able to support any more in-post advertisements if your requested slots are already taken.


This type of advertisement is locked to temporary-only and prices are set to variable. We usually do not accept this type of request, as they are difficult to install and can cause inconvenience to users.

Depending on the site, our average price for a pop-up advertisement is approximately yollars5000/day, although this varies heavily depending on a variety of factors. Please contact an admin if you’re interested, along with submitting a request.

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