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Advertisement pricing by type

Advertisement pricing by type

Purchasing advertisement slots

All advertising purchases are made using Yollars from your yEAh account’s connected Yank account.

Need Financial Assistance? If you’re unable to afford a purchase, the Yank of yEAh offers loaning services regardless of your credit score. Visit the Yank’s website, Yank docs, or our Discord server to learn more.


Here’s an overview of the pricing for each media type. See “Supported media” for information on each one:

Banner Advertisements: Prices for banner ads are variable and depend on the location and site. The average price per day for banner ads in the header area is approximately yollars3000-4000.

Sidebar Advertisements: Prices for sidebar ads vary based on location and site. The average price per day for sidebar ads is around yollars1000-2000. We also offer partnership plans with low or fixed prices for permanent or long-term contracts.

Custom Post Advertisements: Custom post ads are priced around yollars20000-30000 per post. This is a one-time purchase, and the post remains on the site permanently, gradually moving down as new posts are added. You can also get your post pinned to the top for an additional cost of yollars1000-2000 per day. Sponsorship applications are available for lower costs with long-term pinned posts.

In-Post/Page Advertisements: The fixed price for in-post/page advertisements is approximately yollars3500, depending on the location and site. Prices may vary based on post traffic, and availability is subject to the availability of ad slots within specific posts.

Pop-Up Advertisements: Pop-up advertisements are priced around yollars5000 per day. Please note that pop-up availability is subject to various factors, and special requests require prior discussion with an admin.

Explore our advertising options and pricing, and let us help you create impactful campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

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