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About/FAQs: Yollar balances

Note: This doc is only about the yollar-balance part of Yank accounts. It does not include loans, stocks, or other stuff. See the docs page for more info.

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yEAh Games runs our bank, the Yank, which controls yEAh Games' currency, yollars. The Yank is a government-run organization, but individuals control their Yank account with their yollars.

Although Yollars were originally paper-based, we now offer a variety of methods to store your balance. By far the most popular and most used is the online method.

To store your yollars, you can use one of these three methods:
⠀⠀• Online: Yollars can be stored in our online bank-account vaults, hosted on yEAhBot. Follow the steps below to transfer physical/cheque yollars to your online balance. This method is our recommended method, because nothing can be stolen online (and if something does happen, it's the Yank's fault)
⠀⠀• Physical: Yollars can be stored in cash form, which, again, can be exchanged from online money with the steps below. This is the original format, and, like any other currency, physical yollars are available in multiple denominations and are usually the preferred method for exchanging outside of the server. You can hold these, however many you want, wherever you want, but some steps must be taken to ensure that fraudulent activities do not occur.
⠀⠀• Cheques: Cheques can be written to transfer (or hold, in some cases) yollars between members. Cheques only have monetary value when redeemed after being written (you cannot remove money from your account and hold it on cheques). Example: If you write a cheque when you have Y2000, and then give it to a friend, and they redeem it from you when you only have Y1500, the cheque will not go through. They are mostly for the purpose of transferring online yollars in-person. Certain conditions apply when using cheques. Download the official cheque template here.


You can view the balance of any member by typing yeahbalance <ping>, and it will show their yank account balance at the top (the rest is other account stuff, see the respective docs); it will show their balance in online yollars, and their balance in paper money.

Exchanging paper money for online money, or vice versa, is available in #the-yank; please follow the format provided. Keeping money online is completely secure, no one can rob you while the money is online, and you can exchange online money to cash when you need it.

In order to convert cash to online money, you must return the yollars to the yank-keeper, @Nnillat2657, and sign their form, before making the request; then, they will add money to your account. File the request after giving them the money in the the-yank channel, with the yeahdeposit command.

Sometimes transfer fees are applied when exchanging between various methods of currency to account for handling fees; remember, not all transactions are automatic.

Frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

What happens if the online yollar-storage bank is hacked?
The Yank will fix the issue and refund you your yoney with extra compensation. This is unlikely to happen.

What happens if my physical yollars are stolen?
While originally legal, this is now technically illegal; however, it is unlikely anything will be done. You can file a report with the Yank, but because of frequent fraudulent activity, it is unlikely you will receive any compensation. This is why it's recommended to store your yollars online.

What happens if: My account is inaccessible/I'm switching to a new one/I have multiple accounts?
Contact the Yank, and we may be able to negotiate a transfer of yollars to a new account; but it is not guaranteed. This process requires review to prevent fraudulent activity taking place. If you have multiple accounts, we are working on an account-sharing feature; however, it is not yet ready. For now, you just have to transfer yollars between accounts.

How much are transfer fees?
Use the yeahrates command to view the live rates for all Yank-related stuff.

How do I give a cheque to someone not on the Discord?
That is not possible. They can keep the cheque for as long as they like, but it has no actual use for them unless they join the Discord server to redeem if for online yollars.

Can I have online and physical yollars at the same time?
Yes! You can have online yollars, physical yollars and cheques. Just remember to always follow the proper steps.

Can I access my online yollars off-Discord?
This may be coming soon, possibly even on this website, but it will be a lot of work. For now, you must access your account on Discord. One of our developers was experimenting with this, but in no way does it function in an integrative (API) manner.

What is the 'total balance' online?
We have a feature that counts your physical yollars online as well, to prevent inflation or fraud. Yollars are worth the same online and physically, so the 'total balance' is a total of your physical and online yollars on your account. See this excerpt from our finance lawbook:

  1. "All physical yollars must be exchanged for digital yollars before 4 PM on the 31st of March; continuing to possess them will be breaking yEAh Games Code — Yank:Fraudulent activity—Section 25, Line 1: Physical-yollar act of March 29 2022.


You will be able to trade them back into physical currency after the 1st of April at 12:01 AM; this is only to start a new system, where physical yollars will be recorded as well as digital yollars.

  1. Any sales made with physical yollars (after the 31st) will have to be recorded. You must state how much money was transferred to another individual and how many yollars you spent. Purchases made from a store or corporation must do this automatically.

Breaking this order is against the law:
If you do not record the transfer of yollars between two, non-company individuals, you are breaking yEAh Games Code — Yank:Fraudulent activity—Section 25, Line 3: Physical-yollar act of March 29 2022
If a corporation does not record the transfer of yollars between itself and another individual (customer), they are breaking yEAh Games Code — Yank:Fraudulent activity—Section 25, Line 4 Physical-yollar act of March 29 2022.

  1. You can now view your physical-yollar balance in your account by typing yeahbalance [user]
    We are now keeping track of the limited amount of yollars. If you are found to have more than you should, you will be prosecuted."

Do I have to do something if I exchange yollars physically?
Yes! As seen above, you must now record transfers of yollars, so the respective online balances can be updated. Businesses can contact the Yank to set this up automatically, otherwise simply submit a written record of the transfer from both parties to the Yank, and the transfer will be done. Most purchases will be done through a company, so it should be mostly automatic.

What happens if my online physical balance and my actual physical balance do not add up/make sense?
Contact the Yank. This could be a sign of counterfeit bills in your possession, as the Yank has a limited amount of money in circulation as per the new regulation. The Yank will always keep track of the amount of yollars in accounts, so if you have some yollars that aren't in your online record, contact the Yank to check if they're counterfeit; if they're not, they can just be added online with no issue. The Yank will always know if something is off with the total balance online, so please, to avoid possible issues, contact us immediately.

Have a question that might help others when answered? Contact yEAh Games#2733 on Discord to have it answered, reviewed and put on the appropriate doc.

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